Monday, September 26, 2011

Finding JOY in the Little Things

Hello my dearest family!
So I think I'll start this letter off by saying that this week was not easy...but I've never learned so much in my life! We really tried to focus on receiving references this week from the members to find new people to teach....but we went to visit the members and a lot of them weren't there or just couldn't think of anyone! haha. So that wasn't too successful...and so we went to go contact....that didn't go too well either! We would start to contact someone and I would look over at my companion and he was staring up at the sky or a tree....errrrr, sort of frustrating! But I had to be patient with him because he had no clue what he was doing! haha. We didn't see too much success in the numbers this week but I learned a lot and I feel like I have progressed as a missionary and as a person! Also, we had a zone conference this past Saturday, and I felt like you did Mom, when you said that you felt like every word was directed specifically for you, that's exactly how I felt in this conference! Any time we have an opportunity to listen to our leaders in the church...whether it be in General Conference or in a zone conference....the heavens truly open and we have an AWESOME opportunity to receive direct revelation for our own lives and the lives of the people that we are responsible for (family, investogators, etc.)! I was able to learn a lot and I know that as I put into practice the things I learned, that I will receive a greater conviction and testimony of those things and I will be blessed for doing so!  Same goes for you all, as we really try to put into practice the things that we learn, we will begin to see a great change in our hearts and our desires to serve the Lord will grow tremendously!
Right now we don't have too many investigators, but we have plans to find MUCHOS this week!  It's gonna be another week of perserverance, but I know we will begin to see great miracles and have awesome and very spiritual experiences!
I'm truly so thankful for your letters and all the love that I feel as I read them!  It keeps me motivated and lets me know that whatever barrier or trial lies ahead that all will be fine if we truly are doing the Lords work the way He wants us to do it!  I know the baptisms aren't coming right now, but that doesn't mean that we are not seeing great and marvelous miracles here in the mission field!  I have truly found great joy and satisfaction through the little everyday things!  At first I was just waiting for the great and marvelous miracles that often times happen in the mission, that I was missing out on all the small things that bring us great joy and will be memories forever!
Tell everyone that I say hi. Also, tell Derek that first of all he's the man, second that he needs to write me, and third that the volleyball player for Dear Valley that was SICK is in my mission, his name is Elder Livingston, I met him at the conference....haha. he wanted to say whatt upp.
Also, tell that best friend of mine Jenna to write me...I miss that girl and want to hear from her! haha.

Anyway, I love you all and hope all is well at home!

Love, Elder Johnson

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