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Hey everyone, thank you so much for the's good to hear that the ward there is doing so many activities for the temple and really taking advantage of it!  I have really realized how much of a blessing it is to have a temple so close to where we, the closest temple is a 7 hour bus ride away and they only can go every 6 months...and that's if they have enough money to go.  That's why I love to hear that the people that can go, are going!  I miss the's a cool place.  Anyway, IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!  I have been listening to christmas music for like 2 months now....I'm pretty sure Elder Larson would be happy to hear that.....SHOUT OUT! haha.  I am super excited to talk to all of you, it's gonna be the last phone call.....da da da....WIERD!   By the way, I will be calling on Christmas day at 4:00 p.m.....tell me if there is any problem with that or if we need to change it.  But that would be the best time for our schedule here in me-he-co.  SO STOKED! 

Also, I'm pretty sure that was the wierdest thing to see a pic of my friends that have already returned from their missions....I was SUPER stoked to see them, but it did kind of make everything a little more real!  haha.  It's super crazy that our generation is already returning from the mish and on to the other part of life!  CUHRAZY! 

This week was super cool!  We have an investigator right now named Guadalupe...she has been wanting to get baptized for a while now, but she isn't married and doesn't have the money to get married, so she hasn't been able to.....but the other week, as a branch, we decided that we were going to do an activity to raise money to help her out so that she could get married to her "future husband" and then be baptized!  So on Saturday, we made a BUNCH of tamales and sold them to members, non-members, strangers, workers, neighbours, or whoever else was craving tamales and it went PERFECTLY!  I was really happy to see the branch really come together to help someone in need....including Guadalupe, which was one of the coolest parts....we all worked together and it really united the members and helped Guadalupe feel like she was loved!  It honestly turned out perfect and I was super happy.  Also, we had the Primary about STRESS!!!  haha.  It was seriously one of the craziest things I've ever done and I'm not even the primary president! haha.  Now I know how you felt all those times when you had the primary program mom!  haha.  But that also went SUPER WELL!  There were around 15 kids that showed up for the presentation and it was super awesome to see them bear their testimonies and sing the classic primary songs.  We could really feel the spirit and I think we all learned something new! 

We also had a SUPER cool experience this week with someone that we just found named Angel!  We were going to go visit a recent convert at her house, but when we got there, she wasn't there.....but there was Angel, sitting outside of the house also waiting for the family to get home, so we ask him if he knew when they were going to get home and he said that in just a little longer, but that we could come in and wait if we we went and started to talk with him and he had a bunch of questions about what we do, who we are and what not, so we start talking about the church a little and then all of a sudden were teaching a lesson and we could really feel the spirit!  Then all of a sudden, Nadia (the recent convert) gets home and sits down with us and starts to teach with us and gave a SUPER powerful testimony of the restoration!  We all felt the spirit and we felt like we should invite him to be baptized and so we did and he accepted to be baptized in the month of January!  WHOO!  We were super excited and he was also.  We are hoping to see good progress with him...which we think we will because Nadia is his cousin that lives super close to him so she is going to be able to help out with reading and what not!  STOKED!  We are seeing good progress and we are hoping that we can continue to work efficiently and continue finding new people who are ready to hear the gospel!

You all really do help me every single week to be better and to strive to work my hardest and for that, I am grateful!  I truly do love each and every one of you more than you know!  Keep doing the small and simple things and you will always have a sure foundation.  I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

Elder Johnson

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