Saturday, December 10, 2011

I'm Elder Johnson, your financial may I help you?

Im loving it here in the offices! There is a ton of work that we are constantly doing...a different kind of work, but work that is still super important! I've never had to learn so many things so quickly! haha. This week was unbelievable, we were so busy with so many things! because Monday, we had changes and so a bunch of misionaries are here in Cuilacan and so we have to pick them up and drive them to a bunch of places....and then Tuesday we had missionaries leaving and so we were super busy with all of that....Thursday, we had the CHRISTMAS PARTY!! So all week we were getting ready for that, and then that day was just super super wild! haha. And then yesterday, there was a meeting of Zone Leaders in the mission and so we had to get everything ready for that and it was just super crazy! and then now we have our PDAY!! REST....I'm super joke! but I'm loving the hard work. yeah...BIG CHANGE! haha
Anyway, I was just reading the letter that you sent to Elder Larkins mom! haha. It's super funny to see how many missionaries moms really do communicate! ha. It makes us laugh a little! but yeah, Elder Larkin is a freakin STUD! I absolutely love this guy, I've only been with him for a week and I've already learned a ton from him! I'm super excited to be his companion for this change. We have a ton of fun together and we actually have a lot in common so we never run out of things to talk about! haha. Anyway, I'm love love lovin it here in the offices and I'm excited to continue learning all about what goes on here and what all my responsiblities are!
So we had the CHRISTMAS PARTY on Thursday and it was OFF THE CHAIN! haha. We played a TON of dodgeball with all of the missionaries! We made 13 teams of about 12 people on each team and we had a super big tournament! my team didnt win, but thats ok...we played our hearts out! haha. But the best part of everything was that after the tournament, we had a HUGE game Mexicans vs. Americans! haha. It was pretty intense.....and I'm sure you know who won.......GRINGOS!! haha. The best part of it all, is that before the game started, we both sang our national anthem!! haha. It was soo much fun!
So about the questions the missionaries had.......1. I promise that you dont need boots! haha. 2. my Hush Puppies are GNARS BARS! they are holding up super well, and they are super comfortable. 3. I've got a good number of shirts...the only thing i would recommend is to bring a light sweater to put over your shirt in the winter. I dont have one, and I get cold sometimes and wish I had one! 4. it does rain a lot in the summer, but an umbrella is not necessary...the rain coat I have is perfect! just get a rain coat big enough so that you can put your packpack underneath so it doesnt get wet! 5. I would just say that you dont need as much stuff as you think you need....haha. we live super simple, and you dont need too much! 6. I'm lovin my camelback, I dont use the water thing too often, but I do love the backpack a ton! the last thing I would recommend the spirit! thats gonna be your best friend out here and that is the one thing that is absolutely necessary that we have as missionaries! also, a desire to work....this mission works hard, and we GET IT DONE! Tell all those missionaries to be super excited because we have SOO many awesome elders in this mission and they are going to love it! other than that, I cant think of anything else! ha.
So thats all I have in my mind to tell you this week! oooohhhhh, about the christmas call thing!!!! you are going to call me, and you can call on the 24th or 25th, we just to set a time of when you are going to call so that I can be here! SO STOKED!! no joke. I think what we can do is that I'm gonna call you, but hang up real quick and then you just call that number right back! So we just have to put a time of when we will talk!
anyway, I love you all a lot!
i. will. catch. you. on. the. flip. side. l8. r.
Elder Johnson

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