Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Would Give Up Everything to Receive a Remission of My Sins!

ho la!

This week has been a good one! haha. Although the baptism of Guadalupe fell through (sort of kind of a big bummer), we are still working hard with her and with all the other people we are teaching. We actually found a new little rancho where not too many missionaries have worked before....but the whole rancho is family (literally every single person is related)! And not only family , but family of one of the strongest members in the branch! haha. We went to visit some people that live there the other day and we took the member with us (Hna. Julieta) and it went super well!  I really think that we're going to see a lot of success there, and the good thing is...it is super close to Angostura so its not too difficult for the people to go to church on Sunday! Good things good things.  Also, we are teaching the son of Hna. Julieta who never was baptized and he's prgressing really well!  We read with him the other day in the Book of Mormon Alma 22 and we talked about how the king was willing to give up everything to follow Jesus Christ and recieve a remission of his sins and Alvaro felt the spirit super strong!  Then during the next week he was talking with his mom about everything and he told her that he wants to be baptized and he said that when he does, he wants to give up everything bad in his life and just go all out following Jesus Christ (JUST LIKE THE KING!!!). It was super cool to see the words of the Book of Mormon have that much of an impact on someones life!  We are really excited for Alvaro and I know that he is going to be baptized and be a super strong member in the church!

The English classes are still going well and also we had a service project in the church this week to try to unite the members more and it went really well also! We had a few members come out and we all worked super hard...we actually cut down this big lime tree that was just in the way of everything and super ugly! We cut the whole thing down with pure machette (spelling?) haha. It honsetly wasn't easy but we got it done! haha. anyway, the goal of the project was just to unite the members and get everyone working in the branch, and this Sunday we had about 60 people in church which is really great! We have everything we need for a chapel...we only need more faithful tithe payers! We are SOO close its unreal! I'm not kidding when I tell you that there are almost enough members here in Angostura to have a small stake! haha. About half of this pueblo is baptized and are members, but all of them are inactive! We are trying to start to involve the members more in visiting the less active members of the branch....I hope it goes well!

Anyway, that's basically the work here in Angostura! We are just fighting every single day to find more people, activate the inactive and animate those who are active! AMAR, BAUTIZAR, RETENER! That's our motto of the mission. Also, changes are this Saturday and I think that Elder Fernandez might be leaving...so I might be having a new companion this next week! We'll see what happens.

but yeah, thats my life.....what up!

Elder Johnson

p.s. pics coming soon (I'm always forgetting the cable for my camera....sorry!)

just send me a text to remind me.................................................:)                                              

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